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Bicycle Service & Repair

SRAM Pro Mineral Oil Bleed Kit
- Pro bleed kit for mineral oil brakes - Includes 2 syringes/2 M4 fittings...
Maxima Mineral Brake Oil
$8.99 - $16.99
Developed in collaboration with a premium OEM component manufacturer. Maxim...
Finish Line Premium Grease With Teflon (1-Pound Tub)
Finish Line's Premium Grease With Teflon is a race-proven lubricant formula...
Park Tool 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench
Forged with Chrome Vanadium (CR-v) steel, precision ground, heat-treated, p...

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and look even better than new, we're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.

We've prepared this chart to provide a menu of our common bicycle services and repairs. Prices reflect labor charges only, parts will be at additional cost. Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to discuss your bicycle issues. Estimates are always free.  Also, if you need immediate or rushed service to be ready for that big ride or event, please ask, and we'll do our best to fit you in (express service charge may apply). 


Sean Kelley Full Bike Clean $120

A Sean Kelley Full Bike Clean consists of removing wheels, chain rings, and cassette from the bike. A safety inspection is conducted through out the cleaning process. Frame and parts attached to frame are detailed, along with the wheels. The chain is cleaned and lubricated with "Rock n' Roll" chain cleaner, unless the chain is replaced. The cassette and chain rings are soaked, scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned. Then the bike is reassembled to its original state. 

Fausto Coppi Bike Clean $65

A Fausto Coppi Bike Clean consists of cleaning the bike as one piece (no parts removed) and includes a "Rock n' Roll" chain clean and lube. the cassette, crank and chain rings (drive train) are cleaned on the bike. A safety inspection is conducted through out the cleaning process. 

Alfedo Binda Chain Clean $18 

An Alfedo Binda Chain Clean consists of a chain clean using "Rock n' Roll" chain cleaner. Along with a safety inspection of the bike.  



Eddy Merckx Tune $100

Eddy Merckx Tune is a full tune on gears, brakes, hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. A safety inspection will be conducted through out the tune-up. Any parts to complete the tune such as bearings or cables will be an additional charge. 

Greg Lemond Tune $75

The Greg Lemond Tune is a tune-up on gears and brakes. A safety inspection will be conducted through out the tune-up. Any parts to complete tune such as bearings or cables will be an additional charge. 



Tire or tube: $10.00 
Wheel truing: $18-$40
Hub bearing adjustment: $10
Hub bearing overhaul: $31
Hub bearing replacement - front: $12.50
Hub bearing replacement - rear: $15
Replace freewheel: $10

Replace brake cable: $20
Replace brake pads: $20
Brake adjustment: $20
Hydraulic brake bleed: $30

Replace chain: $12.50
Adjust front derailleur: $20
Adjust rear derailleur: $20
Remove/ Install pedals: $6
Overhaul bottom bracket: $31
Service indexed shifters: $15

Adjust headset: $12
Adjust threadless headset: $8
Headset overhaul: $37.50
Headset bearing replacement: $25
Replace handlebar tape: $20
Replace handlebar grips: $10

BIKE FITTING Free bike fitting for life to those who purchase a bike from our shop. We charge $125 to those who do not purchase a bike from our shop,and refitting is good for one year.  

Box bike for shipping: $60-80
Build boxed bike: $60-$100

For other labor rates not specifed, come by for a free estimate. 

We specialize in removal of stuck items, such as seatposts and bottom brackets. Also, if you have a squeak, squawk, click or clack - bring your bike by and we'll take care of it.