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Carpe Diem Rides

Seize the day with a morning bike ride. The Carpe Diem Ride gets its name from the coffee shop right next door where everyone meets in the parking lot. We roll at 5:15am and this is a great way to do get a ride in before work. While some days are faster it usually breaks into two or three groups with the front group averaging twenty plus and the back group around sixteen plus, if you are new there is always someone to ride with. If you would like to test out your legs with some of the best in this area then a Tuesday or Thursday Carpe rides are for you. The Carpe Diem rides are the longest running group ride on the Gulf Coast so plan on this being around!

Make sure you click on our Ride with GPS profile to see other routes and roads that are available to ride.

Carpe Diem Monday 5:15 AM

Carpe Diem Tuesday 5:15 AM

Carpe Diem Wednesday 5:15 AM

Carpe Diem Thursday 5:15 AM

Carpe Diem Friday 5:15 AM