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Important Info About Online Sales

Due to restrictions in our dealer agreements with Giant, we are unable to sell their bicycles via the Internet or mail-order. Because a bicycle involves a great deal of personal attention during and after the sale, it's just not a practical item to buy from somebody thousands of miles away, so these restrictions are entirely reasonable. Buying a bicycle isn't like buying a VCR- you have to not only get the correct type and size, but it also requires a great deal of skill to properly assemble, plus follow-up service during the break-in period. So it may be safe buying a VCR in a box through the mail, but certainly not a bicycle!

If you would like to buy a bike from us, you need to either drive to our store or, if you're really desperate and can't get to us yourself, have a friend pick up a bike for you. However, this is not something we encourage. We strongly recommend buying your new bike from a local dealer you can trust and whom you don't think will run away from you when you carry the bike in through the front door in pieces because something went wrong.

PS: If you do decide to try to buy a bike from a dealer via mail-order, keep in mind that you're dealing with someone who can lose (and many have lost) their bike lines by doing so. Thus you should already realize that the dealer is not too likely to be on the up-and-up and its not always the case that your purchase will arrive quite as you planned. We've seen some pretty bizarre stuff. It also involves a gray-market purchase, which may kill the warranty.