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Chickasabogue Park - Eight Mile, AL (~15 mi from Mobile)

Chickasabogue Park
760 Aldock Road
Eight Mile, AL  36613
Chickasabogue has great riding and is local to Mobile! The Bogue is comprised of short steep climbs with occasional sand sections. You'll also find fast downhills with creek crossings and lots of off camber turns. Misery Trail earns its name as does Collarbone Canyon, so make sure to be dancing on the pedals.  The Bogue holds up well to rain.  Expect an hour and a half ride time unless you are some kind of NORBA animal. These trails are perfect for a fatty!

Home trails!

  • 11.5 miles of single track trails
  • Intermediate to advanced riding
  • Roots, pine straw, dirt
  • Technical sections
  • 558' of elevation gain
  • All around GOOD FUN!

Chickasabouge Park - Mountain Bike Trails