Chariot Carriers!

Enjoy more time doing your favorite things with Chariot Carriers!

We carry and recommend Chariot Carriers because of their excellent quality and designs and their Kids love Chariot Carriers!many options that let you integrate them into your lifestyle so effortlessly whether you're a cyclist who wants a great trailer or a parent who needs a better way to stroll or jog with the family.

Come check out Chariot's product line and you'll appreciate the quality construction, safety features, and excellent adaptability so you can make the trailer do just what you need it to as your busy life changes.

Plus, your kids will love the exceptional comfort and spaciousness inside the trailers and be delighted when it's time to go. You can forget the baby-sitter, and just take out the Chariot! Should you need to pick something up on the way there's plenty of room to carry it, too.

And, from jogging to cross-country skiing, Chariot has a full line of conversion kits that allow you to adapt your Chariot to enjoy all your favorite activities with your family and friends. And every Chariot Take the kids everywhere with Chariot Carriers!Carrier is hand made at their factory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so you know it's built to last

A passion for the outdoors and children’s bicycle trailers drives the employees at Chariot Carriers. While they are leaders in the field they're always looking to create the next new innovative product or improve their current ones. With a company as dedicated as Chariot, why would you choose anything else? Come in soon and pick out your favorite!